Do You...

  • Sweat under your arms more than you’d like?
  • Apply antiperspirant or deodorant more than once a day?
  • Worry someone will see your sweat stains?
  • Worry that your underarm sweat stains make a negative impression
  • Dress to hide your sweat?
  • Avoid social situations because of your underarm sweat?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, don’t hide it. Get rid of it! Call 585.272.9346 to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Weitz!


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Trust Your Skin to the Experts

Dermatology Associates of Rochester is all about skin health and wellness. We specialize in the diagnosis and therapy of skin, nail, and hair disorders for adults and children while offering a wide range of aesthetic services.

We deliver the highest quality of medical care in the region’s most modern, state-of-the-art facilities with the support of the most competent dermatological medical staff in the area.

Dermatology Associates of Rochester extends its commitment to skin health and wellness through partnerships with DermaSpa, Rochester’s premier medical spa and Skin Search, one of the nation’s leading skin, hair and nail research facilities.

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Coolsculpting Certified


Clinical trials on medical and cosmetic conditions

Skin Search participates – and affords you the opportunity to take part – in clinical trials focusing on research related to developing new therapies and procedures for medical and cosmetic conditions affecting the skin, hair and nails.

You may be eligible for a current or future study. Learn more.

Allegan Partner Privileges

Allegan Partner Privileges



Dermatology Associates of Rochester


Skin Search of Rochester



If you are experiencing a true medical emergency please call 911, otherwise you may reach our provider on call at 585-750-4795.