Women and men at our Rochester, NY, dermatology practice can treat unwanted underarm sweating without surgery or needles with miraDry. It’s the only non-invasive treatment for hyperhidrosis–excessive sweating–cleared by the FDA. This breakthrough sweating treatment is performed at Dermatology Associates of Rochester by miraDry-certified nurses supervised by board-certified physicians to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Expertise Makes a Difference

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Even though miraDry is a non-invasive treatment, getting the desired results in a safe and effective way requires providers with experience and advanced training. The miraDry procedure delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area to eliminate sweat glands. It’s important that the energy be carefully delivered to avoid unwanted side effects. The FDA also cleared miraDry in 2015 to reduce underarm hair and underarm odor glands.

How Is miraDry Performed?

We perform miraDry treatments in our office using a local anesthetic to minimize patients’ discomfort. The treatment usually takes an hour, and there is little to no downtime following the procedure. We recommend using over-the-counter pain relief medication and ice packs for a few days to manage discomfort. During the treatment, which delivers heat to the sweat glands, the outer layers of the skin are cooled and protected.

Some common, minor side effects of miraDry include underarm swelling, redness, and tenderness lasting several days. Patients may also experience numbness and tingling in the upper arm or armpit for up to 5 weeks after the treatment.

What Is the Cost of miraDry in Rochester, NY?

As with all cosmetic procedures, the cost of miraDry treatments varies from patient to patient. We’ll provide a detailed price quote following your free consultation.

One Patient’s miraDry Story

One of our staff members at Dermatology Associates elected to get treated with miraDry and shared her story in a blog we posted on the website. Read Katie’s story.


Patients will notice immediate results after a miraDry treatment. It’s normal to have no sweat produced under the arm for a week or 2, but minimal sweating typically returns as swelling in the area dissipates. Clinical studies show that patients experience more than 80% sweat reduction after getting miraDry. Even though patients may get the desired results after a single treatment, some men and women return for a second treatment. miraDry’s effectiveness has earned it the highest patient satisfaction ratings among all the procedures offered at our practice.

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Common Questions

Don’t we need sweat glands?

The sweat glands under the arms account for only about 2% of the total number of sweat glands in the body. Sweating is an important function, but it’s safe to not have underarm sweating.

Does miraDry completely stop sweating?

No, miraDry reduces sweat by 82% but does not completely eliminate sweating.

Does the treatment hurt?

Before beginning the procedure, your provider uses a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. Additionally, miraDry cools the skin’s surface as the glands are heated to ensure comfort.

Will the glands grow back?

No. The thermal energy used during the treatment destroys the sweat and odor glands, meaning they do not grow back and are gone for good.

Does hair fall out after miraDry treatments?

Hair follicles near treated sweat glands can also be affected, so you may notice some hair reduction in the miraDry treatment area. Typically, this doesn’t get rid of all the hair in the area but results in hair thinning.

People considering miraDry treatments come from Irondequoit, Brighton, Henrietta, and throughout the Rochester, NY, metropolitan area because they trust the expertise of Dermatology Associates of Rochester’s providers. If you’ve been self-conscious at work or in social settings because of excessive underarm sweating, request a consultation with one of our providers to learn if you can benefit from miraDry or call us at (585) 272-0700 to schedule an appointment.

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