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Dermatology Associates of Rochester

Don’t Underestimate The Importance of A Good Skincare Routine

In today's society, there’s an overwhelming abundance of information about skincare-- especially from online beauty influencers and health experts who eagerly share their skincare tips and products. However, amidst this sea of information, one question may persistently linger: Why is a good skincare routine so essential? Skincare holds a pivotal role in your overall health …

Dermatology Associates of Rochester

Your First CoolSculpting® Elite Treatment: Before, During, and After

Nonsurgical body contouring options, including fat reduction and muscle toning treatments, continue expanding. CoolSculpting led the way with its "fat freezing" technology, and CoolSculpting® Elite represents the latest evolution of the procedure. This non-invasive procedure uses the latest technology to freeze away fat cells and slim down stubborn rolls and bulges. Because CoolSculpting is a …