Meet Aren Monroe, LPN

Aren Monrie

Meet Aren Monroe, a licensed practical nurse who has expertise in many different in-office procedures. Aren is passionate about MiraDry, a treatment for sweat reduction at Dermatology Associates of Rochester. With a journey that commenced in 2017 within our practice, Aren quickly established herself as the go-to expert for MiraDry.

Aren earned her undergraduate degree at Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES LPN in 2015 and worked in long term care and assisted living prior to working in dermatology. Aren’s true devotion lies in the creation of positive and memorable experiences for her patients. She finds inspiration in being an integral part of a dedicated team, working collaboratively to uplift individuals under her care.

Beyond her professional life, Aren enjoys movies, music and reading. She is also a loving spouse and devoted parent to a wonderful daughter. Cherishing quality time with her family, she values the importance of connection and shares her uplifting spirit with those closest to her. In every facet of her life, Aren embodies dedication, compassion, and a drive to make a positive impact.