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Our mission at Dermatology Associates of Rochester is to provide patients with the most advanced techniques and technology available in the aesthetics and dermatology fields to ensure the best results possible. VECTRA 3-D imaging helps our plastic surgery patients in Rochester see the potential outcomes of their facial rejuvenation or body contouring surgeries.

What Is VECTRA 3-D Imaging?

There are multiple ways plastic surgery patients try to envision the possible results of their procedures, such as before-and-after photos or sizers for breast augmentation patients. VECTRA 3-D imaging goes beyond these low-tech alternatives to provide real-life views of how you might look by mapping your anatomy with high-tech cameras and creating simulated images.

Woman being photographed for Vectra 3D imaging

How Does VECTRA 3-D Imaging Work?

The system uses advanced software that builds a realistic 3-D simulation of your face or body based on high-resolution color images captured by a special camera at different angles. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Calvin Young, consults with patients as he manipulates the images to demonstrate the potential results. For example, he can show breast augmentation patients how they might look with different sizes of implants or rhinoplasty patients how their noses may appear.

You can actually compare your current face, tummy, or breasts with the potential changes and see which image you love the most. Dr. Young can then use this information to create a customized surgical plan based on your feedback.

What Are the Benefits of VECTRA 3-D Imaging?

The VECTRA system is immensely popular with our plastic surgery patients because it helps them communicate their cosmetic goals.

Some of the ways we use the 3-D imaging technology with our patients include:

Breast Augmentation: Dr. Young tailors each procedure based on the patient’s unique body type and goals, but envisioning how they might look with different breast shapes or placement isn’t always easy. VECTRA helps patients feel confident about their choices of implant size.

Body Procedures: We can guide patients through various options for tummy tuck surgery so they can see if the results will look proportional to the rest of their bodies. It’s also useful for women planning to get Mommy Makeover surgery.

Face Procedures: If you’re considering rhinoplasty to smooth the hump on the bridge of your nose or to lift a droopy tip, VECTRA 3-D imaging can preview potential changes to help you understand what the results could look like. Facelift patients, too, may feel reassured by seeing the potential results of their procedures from different angles.

Vectra breast 3D image
Vectra face 3D

If you would like to learn more about the value of VECTRA 3-D imaging for our plastic surgery patients, request a one-on-one consultation at our Rochester practice using the online form. You can also contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff by phone at (585) 272-0700.