Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy at our Rochester med spa soothes aches and pains, releases stress, promotes well-being, and facilitates the body’s own healing powers. Therapeutic massage in our tranquil setting is a perfect way to relax, release stress and feel rejuvenated.

Massage Cupping Therapy

American and European doctors have used cupping to treat more common ailments such as the common cold and chest infections and congestion. Chinese Cupping Therapy is often used in conjunction with more commonly known forms of traditional Chinese medicine treatments and methods such as acupuncture and acupressure and has been around since 1500 BC.

Cupping therapy offers several advantages including aiding in promoting blood flow and increase blood circulation to muscles and tissue, supplies oxygen to cells, loosens knots, and can release and drain excess fluids and toxins.

The basic idea behind cupping therapy is to place glass cups or silicone cups on the patient’s skin to create a vacuum, so the blood is drawn to the surface of the skin in specific parts of the body that need healing. The therapy cup creates a vacuum or suction. The skin will rise into the glass cup and will begin to redden. Typically, these glass or silicone cups are set in place for up to three minutes at a time. But some treatments require longer times and can last up to twenty minutes.

Dry cupping produces a low amount of pressure. The cups are better suited for use on the softer tissue so that a secure and tight seal is allowed against the skin. The skin may also be lubricated so that the cups can be moved around from one area to a larger area.

Pregnancy Massage

This service is designed to relax the mother-to-be’s mind and body, with specific techniques designed for expecting mothers to ensure comfort and safety. Experience soothed tired legs, and reduced back pain, pressure and fluid retention with our pregnancy massage.

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Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to specific points on the hands, feet, and head. Stimulation of these pressure points sends waves of relaxation throughout the body, contributing to overall wellness.

Stone Therapy Massage

Combined with all of the benefits of a traditional therapeutic massage, warm stones are placed in the chakra centers of the body, helping relax and balance your body and mind. The warmth and weight of the stones releases tension and improves circulation.

Therapeutic Massage

Our traditional therapeutic massage soothes aches and pains, targets problem areas and releases tension in your muscles allowing you to relax, and refocus.

Women and men considering massage therapy come from Brighton and throughout the Rochester area to our med spa. To learn more about our massage services, you can request a consultation or call us at  (585) 272-9346 to schedule an appointment.

Our Aesthetic 'Dream Team'

One of the foundations of our success is the care we take to select qualified, talented, and caring people to provide services and care that exceed the expectations of our med spa clients. Each member of the spa team embodies the core values that DermaSpa is founded upon. They truly enjoy helping you to feel and look your best.

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