Does CoolSculpting® Elite Hurt? Here’s What to Expect

A woman in Rochester, NY, is thrilled with the results of her CoolSculpting® treatment.

“No pain, no gain.” That used to be the motto when it came to burning fat and sculpting a body you felt terrific about. Now that nonsurgical fat reduction exists, it’s only natural you’d expect it to involve some level of pain, too. But men and women who visit us for CoolSculpting® Elite in Rochester, NY, don’t have to grit their teeth through it. In fact, some people even nap thanks to our comfortable state-of-the-art CoolSculpting Elite machines.

So, what does a CoolSculpting Elite treatment session actually feel like? Read on to learn more about what you can expect.

What happens during a CoolSculpting Elite treatment?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to what you’ll experience during your CoolSculpting treatment:

  • Consultation: During this conversation, we’ll discuss what you’re looking to treat and share our recommendations for achieving your desired result. Our staff will always give you an honest assessment and guide you toward the best possible treatment plan—be it CoolSculpting or another body contouring procedure.
  • Attaching the applicator:  We use a number of specialized applicators to treat specific areas of the body. Some use vacuum pressure to pull your tissue between the cooling panels. With CoolSculpting Elite, you also get the benefit of C-shaped applicators that match the natural curves of your body, making the process as smooth, efficient, and comfortable as possible.
  • The cooling process: The bulk of treatment takes anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour. Thanks to our 3 CoolSculpting Elite machines, we can address multiple areas at once and cut down on your overall treatment time. Learn more about what this feels like below.
  • The warmup: When the cooling stops, your treated area will warm back up, and you’ll be free to jump right back into your normal routine, including work.

Learn more about what happens before, during, and after CoolSculpting in this previous blog post.

What does CoolSculpting Elite feel like?

If your applicator uses vacuum pressure, you can expect to feel some suction as your treated area is pulled into the applicator and positioned between the cooling panels. We often compare this to putting your hand over the opening of a vacuum hose when the vacuum is on.

At the beginning of the treatment, most people feel an intense cold sensation or tingling, but this fades to numbness within a few minutes. The rest of the treatment is so comfortable many people read, check emails, or just enjoy a moment to relax.

Here’s what a real patient of ours said in a testimonial:

“As far as PAIN…my pain tolerance is extremely low…this is why I will not consider surgery. CoolSculpting is more than doable for someone like me. I was sore for a week or two but nothing that stopped me from doing my normal activities.”

Last year, a writer for Glamour magazine had several CoolSculpting treatments and wrote about her treatment, including its comfort level. You can read about her experience and see her before-and-after photos in Glamour magazine’s I Tried CoolSculpting, and Here’s What It’s Really Like.

Will I be sore after CoolSculpting Elite?

As your treated area warms back up after the cooling stops, you can expect to experience some redness, soreness, tingling, and sensitivity. This typically fades quickly, though it’s different for everyone.

Some people are sore or sensitive for a few days, but this normally doesn’t keep them from going about their usual activities, including exercise and returning to work right away.

Ready to try CoolSculpting Elite for yourself or want to explore other nonsurgical fat reduction treatments like KYBELLA® to diminish a double chin? Contact us online or call (585) 272-0700 to learn more about your cosmetic dermatology treatment options at our Rochester, NY, practice. We look forward to hearing from you!

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