What to Expect During an Endermologie Treatment

Dermatology Associates of Rochester

This non-surgical procedure produces results through a course of weekly sessions. From head to toe, endermologie enhances skin conditions and combats fatty deposits that cause cellulite, leaving you with improved skin tone and improved body contour. Here’s how it works and what you can expect during endermologie.

If you have been unable to reduce the appearance of cellulite through diet and exercise, endermologie is a great option, and our team has performed hundreds of cycles.

How does endermologie work?

During the treatment, our specialists use dual-action rollers that target your problem areas, simultaneously using suction to redistribute skin and smooth away dimpling. While endermologie is not a weight-loss procedure, the treatment will result in the reduction of cellulite and increase lymphatic drainage within the body.

patient lying on her stomach during endermologie treatment

Endermologie is not a painful procedure and many of our patients describe it as a deep massage feeling. The strength of the treatment can be adjusted to your comfort level. Unlike liposuction, endermologie doesn’t involve breaking through the skin in any way, making it a very effective, non-invasive treatment for cellulite.

Individual sessions can last up to 55 minutes, and patients see changes within 5 to 6 sessions. However, a noticeable difference in skin tone will likely be seen after just the first treatment, including the appearance of stretch marks and loose skin. The average number of treatments per week is two, but we tailor your treatment schedule to your lifestyle and goals.

Schedule a consultation with our expert team where we talk about your goals and can determine if endermologie is the best route to achieve them. We can also answer any additional questions you have about the treatment, or any other treatments available!

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