An innovative, nonsurgical alternative to facelift surgery, Ultherapy has become one of the most popular skin tightening treatments since being cleared by the FDA in 2012. Ultherapy treatments at our Rochester, NY, practice can lift and tighten loose, sagging skin on the neck, chest, and eyebrows. Unlike laser skin tightening treatments, Ultherapy bypasses the skin’s outer layers.

Expertise Makes a Difference

Our board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners have the training and experience to ensure your Ultherapy treatment is both safe and effective. Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound energy to stimulate the production of new collagen. It is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that actually lifts the skin. It’s important to choose an experienced provider to produce the desired results.

During the procedure, our team can see the exact layers of tissue being treated by using the same ultrasound imaging technology that’s been used in other medical fields for decades. This ensures they can precisely deliver the energy to where it will provide the most benefit.

How Is Ultherapy Performed?

Surgery used to be the only way to lift and tighten skin for patients concerned about facial aging. A number of nonsurgical treatments can now resurface and tighten loose skin, but none can match Ultherapy’s ability to also create a lifted appearance.

Ultherapy targets the deeper tissue below the skin using ultrasound technology, which stimulates the body’s natural collagen-building process. The creation of new collagen gradually lifts the skin. Collagen is a protein that is one of the fundamental elements of firm, hydrated, and smooth skin.

Ideal Ultherapy Candidates

Good Ultherapy candidates include women and men who:

  • Want a more defined jawline
  • Have only mild sun damage with skin that is still relatively elastic
  • Aren’t ready for or don’t want plastic surgery
  • Don’t want to have extensive downtime

At your consultation, your provider will examine the quality of your skin to make sure that Ultherapy is right for you. In some cases, other cosmetic dermatology treatments, such as SkinTyte, or Zaffiro may be better suited to accomplish the desired results. You can also ask about treatment packages that include CoolSculpting® and CoolTone™ to reduce fat and increase muscle tone during a single appointment.

Patients with significant skin laxity may need facial plastic surgery such as a facelift and/or neck lift to attain the improvements they desire.

How Much Does Ultherapy Cost in Rochester, NY?

The cost of Ultherapy treatments, as with all cosmetic procedures, depends on the patient’s concerns and aesthetic goals. After your consultation, we’ll provide a detailed price quote for your treatment.

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Common Questions

How is Ultherapy different than laser treatments?

Ultherapy uses sound energy, rather than light energy. That may not sound important, but laser energy can’t reach the deeper layers of the skin at the right temperature. Laser treatments, though, are excellent for treating more superficial skin concerns. In fact, many patients may benefit from combining Ultherapy with laser skin resurfacing to create comprehensive results.

How long does a treatment last?

The treatment time varies from patient to patient, depending on the area targeted and your overall treatment plan. Ultherapy for the face or neck can take 60 to 90 minutes. For chest treatments, the time is closer to 30 minutes.

Does the treatment hurt?

The level of comfort during the procedure varies depending on the patient. Our clinicians may provide you an oral sedative prior to the procedure to make sure you remain comfortable.

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Is Ultherapy a good treatment for droopy eyelids?

Yes, the FDA approved Ultherapy as a nonsurgical brow lift treatment. Eyelid surgery produces more predictable results, but for some people, Ultherapy can get the desired outcome.

When will I see results?

You may notice some changes immediately after your Ultherapy treatment, but the final results gradually appear during the 2 to 3 months following your procedure. Because the treatment stimulates the production of new collagen, your body’s natural healing process dictates how long it takes for the results to be visible.

If you’re concerned about early signs of facial aging, request a consultation using the simple online form to meet with one of our board-certified physicians or call our office at (585) 272-0700 to schedule an appointment. Women and men considering Ultherapy who live in Brighton, Irondequoit, Henrietta, and throughout the Greater Rochester, NY, area choose Dermatology Associates for Ultherapy and many other cosmetic dermatology treatments.