Laser Skin Resurfacing With HALO ®Laser, BBL® & More: Which Is Right for You? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Nonsurgical procedures are more popular than ever, and laser resurfacing is leading the charge. Our patients love coming to our dermatology practice to get state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation treatments. However, there are many laser skin resurfacing options on the market, from HALO laser and BBL Hero to Picoway Resolve. With so many options, it can be intimidating when trying to decide which treatment is right for you.

Good news: Our experienced dermatology team is here to help you create a customized laser rejuvenation plan. Here are the basics behind our top six treatments so you can start your new beauty routine with confidence.  

Halo™ Pro

Halo Pro is a comprehensive laser skin resurfacing treatment that helps you achieve a natural, youthful glow. This hybrid laser treatment can address a variety of issues such as discoloration, enlarged pores, fine lines, and more. During the procedure, the laser penetrates both the dermal and epidermal layers of skin, creating natural-looking, long-lasting results. Freckles, poor texture, and even old scars will gradually fade over time.

We recommend a series of Halo sessions, but you can decide how many treatments you would like. Some patients have 1 or 2 more aggressive treatments to obtain quicker results, while others space out their appointments over a longer period of time.

Contour TRL™

Contour TRL repairs long-term skin damage caused by sun exposure. Using a precisely controlled laser, Contour is often used to target both deep wrinkles and fine lines to reveal more youthful skin underneath. This laser peel can be adjusted to treat your skin with the specific amount of power each of your target areas need. Contour TRL is mainly used on the face and neck, but it can also be used on other areas of the body.

Because your provider can customize the depth of the procedure, you may be able to achieve your desired results in a single treatment. Our staff will create a personalized plan for you that may include other skin-supporting procedures. 

BBL® Hero

BBL Hero is a new take on a tried-and-true favorite treatment. Although it’s technically not a laser device, BBL Hero is an intense pulsed light (IPL) procedure that rejuvenates the skin and restores a more youthful appearance by making changes at the molecular level. The laser’s dual-lamps deliver light that penetrates the skin to address brown spots, redness, and skin laxity. BBL Hero can treat nearly any area of the body, including the face, neck, chest, and hands.

This option is considered a “no downtime” procedure, although your skin may feel sensitive for a few hours after treatment. Most patients schedule 1 or 2 sessions, depending on the depth of the condition being treated. 

Before and After Laser Skin Resurfacing With BBL

ProFractional™ Laser Therapy

ProFractional laser therapy is a versatile treatment that can address multiple skin concerns at once. Many of our patients use it to fix uneven skin texture, acne scars, and fine lines in a single procedure. ProFractional works by creating thousands of tiny channels in the skin using laser energy. Each of these treated areas begins to naturally produce more collagen and elastin, giving the skin a smoother, plumper appearance. 

Most people require a series of 1 to 4 ProFractional treatments spaced 3 to 6 weeks apart. We may also suggest combining the treatment with other laser options (such as Halo Pro) for the most comprehensive results. You can learn more about what to expect from laser skin resurfacing recovery in our related blog post.

Vbeam® Prima

Vbeam Prima is a specialized, pulsing laser that gently corrects dark skin lesions and other red, splotchy blemishes. It works well for addressing acne, wrinkles, and old scars, and it’s also commonly used during spider vein removal. This procedure is unique as it can treat the target area without damaging any of the surrounding skin. VBeam is a very safe and trusted procedure that boasts a high satisfaction rate among our clients.

Vbeam is a go-to laser that has been in use for many years. Most patients schedule around 2 to 5 sessions overall for the best anti-aging experience. 

Before and After Laser Skin Resurfacing With Vbeam

PicoWay® Resolve

As part of the larger PicoWay laser family, Resolve addresses common signs of aging and provides customizable skin rejuvenation. The handpiece can be adjusted to address different specific needs such as wrinkles, acne scars, and more. During treatment, the laser energy passes through the skin in merely a picosecond (one-trillionth of a second). The heat breaks up pigment into small particles while spurring collagen production in the skin. 

We can use both Resolve and other PicoWay handpieces within the same treatment, as needed. The number of sessions you need depends on the condition being treated, but we usually suggest 2 to 5 sessions.

Laser Resurfacing 101 - Infographic highlighting different laser treatments and their benefits

We hope that understanding your laser skin resurfacing options will help you talk about your treatment with your dermatologist. Our Rochester team is here to help. To begin your beauty journey today, request a consultation online or call us at (585) 272-0700.

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